About Us
A new generation optometrists, that specialises in Total Eyecare Services, including comprehensive vision tests, speciality contact lens, vision therapy, myopic control and eyewear services.
Our Touch & Feel open concept store is designed for the customers to have a free hand at trying out spectacles frames and sunglasses. With our Modular Shelving and Furniture design well will be able to freshen up our retail look from time to time.
We are equipped with the most modern equipment that enable us to offer high-quality vision care services to our customers, which is our prime objective. We have also partnered with major frames (RayBan, Coach, Emporio Armani), ophthalmic lens (Essilor, Nikon, Hoya) and contact lens manufactures (J&J, Ciba Vision, Coopervision) to fulfil our customers eye care needs.
Profile of Optometrist
Donald has more than 15 years of optometry experience including a wide variety of optometric eye health services including,
 Contact lens consultation for presbyobic & extended wear
 Ophthalmic lens glazing
 Spectacles & ophthalmic lens recommendations
Donald also serves as an advisor for Johnson & Johnson Vision Care panel and was a keynote speaker of The Vision Care Institute contact lens education symposium.
‘‘ Experience the Excellence in Eye Care ’’
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 Mon - Fri : 10am - 7pm
 Saturday : 10am -4.30pm
 Sunday   : By Appointment Only