Comprehensive Eye Examination

A refraction test is always as a part of routine eye examination. This vision tests tells us what refractive condition you need in your glasses or contact lenses. It can also be used to diagnose the following eye conditions:
  Astigmatism: irregular curvature in the cornea that causes blurry or double image
  Hyperopia: known as far/long-sightedness
  Myopia: known as short/near-sightedness
  Presbyopia: an age-related condition that causes lens of the eye to have difficulty focusing near
  Infection on the cornea
  Macular Degeneration: an age-related condition that affects your central vision
  Retinal Detachment: a condition where the retina detaches from the rest of the eye
A series of eye function procedures shall be performed to determine effectiveness of the ocular muscles movement, 3D vision, pupil response and visual fields. These different tests are performed to evaluate the ability, flexibility and magnitude of the eye’s focusing ability, papillary reflexes and visual fields.

Binocular vision is the ability to maintain focus on an object with both eyes, resulting a single visual image. Adults absence of binocular vision can experience difficulty in depth perception and poor visual distance measurement.
When the two eyes are unable to align properly, this will put strain on the eyes muscles as they are constantly realigning to refocus.
Symptoms may include:
 Blurry or double vision
 Dizziness or disorientation
 Itching discomfort
 Poor eye-hand coordination
 Preference of using an eye while near task such as reading
 Eyestrain or headaches
 Poor concentrating ability
 Words move/ float while reading
Different diagnostic tests for ocular accommodation, vergence and stereopsis can be performed to determine and evaluate an individual’s binocular performance.

Colour perception test will be performed to detect common colour vision defects using the pseudoisochromatic plates test. The most familiar color vision problem, especially the males involves confusing reds and greens are common. Some may also have problems in the blue yellow range.
Macular degeneration test involves testing the central vision capabilities and health of the retina. This test enables us to detect vision problems resulting from damage to the macula or the optic nerve. An early diagnosis can limit or at least slow the vision loss due to early treatment.
How is CVS diagnosed?
At Eyes Fusion Optometrists, we conduct a comprehensive eye exam with special attention on visual requirements at different working conditions. CVS can be diagnosed through various tests that include:
 Detailed Patient History Taking
 Eye refraction Test with visual acuity measurements
 Eye Mobility & Focus Tests
Thus, using the information and results of these tests, we can determine and suggest various treatment options and preventive solutions to help relieve CVS conditions.

A slit lamp examination allows us to see structures at the front of the eye like the eyelids, conjunctiva, iris, lens, sclera, and cornea. Using this instrument, we can microscopically examine the eye for any abnormalities or problems.
Our biomicrography encompasses a wide spectrum of photographic imaging for illustration. The photographed image of the eye can be captured digitally and be displayed on screen. Thus, an accurate diagnosis and a clearer explanation of the eye health condition can be provided.

Tonometry is a procedure that measures the intraocular pressure (IOP), the fluid pressure inside the eye. Noncontact (or air-puff) tonometry is children-friendly and does not touch eye but uses a soft puff of air to flatten the cornea. The readings taken can allow us to monitor the intraocular pressure.
High or increased pressure may indicate those at risk of glaucoma. People over age 40, have the highest risk for developing glaucoma. Regular eye examinations can help early detection while prompt treatment of glaucoma can prevent serious damage to the retina.

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