At Eyes Fusion Optometrists, we take eye health very seriously and we want to ensure you of that. Here are some equipment that we use to attain in-depth diagnosis of your eye health in faster and accurate method:
 The ALM500 and ULM-800 Automatic Lensmeter measure all types of lenses and contact lenses to ensure that your current eyewear or contact lens is the recommended one.
 The DS-STD Slit Lamp is a low-power microscope that uses a thin light beam to examine the cornea and tear layer. It is used to detect eye diseases such as cataract, dry eye syndrome, and more.
 The NCT-200 Tonometer measures the pressure in your eyes and the force needed to flatten an area of the cornea to screen for glaucoma – usually affecting people above the age of 40.
 The UDR-800 Digitalized Refractor measures the ability of the eye to adjust its focal length to determine the power of a lens.
 The URK-800 Autoref/Keratometer is used to measure the curvature of the cornea to determine the proper fit for contact lenses and is part of the process to determine if astigmatism is present.
Through the use of these equipment, we strive to be different as we tackle efficiency to provide you with the most accurate eye test results in a speedy manner.
High Resolution

5 Megapixels high definition image resolution produced by the 1/2.5 inch CMOS sensor. All tiny subjects are shown clearly through the active imaging pixel array of 2,592 x 1,944.
Enhanced Auto Exposure
Target area size for auto exposure can be changed easily via moving the mouse lightly. Just control target area freely, and enjoy your vision clearly.
Unique Snapshot Design
Infrared snapshot button is the most stable wireless control solution. Located on the joystick, it realizes the perfect integrate with your slit lamp.
You will not miss any image via special snapshot tone, and it can be turned on/off optionally.
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